Krexner Family

In the photo you can see fennel. | © SONNENTOR

Whoever strives for top quality produce needs to pay attention to crop rotation.

Although Christa and Josef Krexner run a cash-crop production typical of the Weinviertel region, they run a rather untypical operation on their farm in the village of Kronberg.  The couple converted their farm in 2002, and, to this day, are enthusiastic about organic farming. In their case, organic cultivation means to be masters of soil-promoting crop rotation. The Krexner’s wide range of crops consist of winter wheat, spelt, mustard plants, milk thistle, pumpkin seeds for oil, alfalfa and fennel.

But that’s not all, Christa and Josef like to think about nature’s cycles. They were also looking for the perfect fertiliser. So, it is no coincidence that the Galloway/Angus breed that produces the best organic beef, a further organic product offered by the Krexners, also provides rich organic manure for their crops. It is always a special moment for Christa, who trained in retail, when she offers the many fruits of their labour at their farm shop or when she holds a package of their SONNENTOR fennel in her hands. What other fruits will come to fruition on their farm?

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