Michlits family

Photo of a nutmeg. | © SONNENTOR

The solar vegetable specialist for dry times.

Inge and Viktor Michlits live in Wallern in Burgenland, one of the lowest-lying places in Austria. Perhaps it is the closeness to sea level, only 120 meters, which inspired Viktor to become an expert of the drying of vegetables. However, it is more likely that the vegetable variety of the Burgenland Seewinkel led him onto this path, as this region produces beetroot, parsnips, carrots, onions, pumpkins, courgettes, fennel, rosemary and much more.

"Where the sun rises" is the motto of the Burgenland and the sun has also become one of the most important helpers for Viktor. The harvested, washed and sliced ​​vegetables are dried in solar dryers and prepared for further use in various SONNENTOR delicacies.

For those who want to know

Apfelstücke bio
apple pieces org.
Karottenstücke bio
carrots org.
Kürbis bio
pumpkin org.
Zucchini bio
zucchini org.
Pastinakenstücke bio
parsnip pieces org.
Lila Karottenstücke bio
purple carrots org.
Rote Rübenstücke bio (Beete)
beetroot org.