Neunteufl family

In the photo you can see lovage. | © SONNENTOR

How to achieve organic joy through cleaning technology.

In the north-eastern Waldviertel, near the Czech border, you will find the village of Kottaun and the organic farm of Walter Neunteufl. The organic-control specialist knows exactly what matters in the cultivation of psyllium seed, cress and fenugreek and also tries to carry out as many processing steps as possible directly on his farm. "The more value we add directly on the farm the better for nature and man," explains Walter, while proudly demonstrating his cleaning facilities.

SONNENTOR buyer Franz also says: "It is hard for me to call the spices delivered by Walter ‘raw materials’ ", and shows us a handful of psyllium seeds, which only need a quick clean before they are packed and, according to Hildegard of Bingen, “give joy". By the way, if you walk with Walter through his farm and his fields, his natural joyful spirit is infectious

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