Preiss family

In the photo you can see lovage. | © SONNENTOR

A lucky life decision with a natural vision.

The organic farm of Anita and Franz Preiss in Stetteldorf is as diverse as nature at Wagram, with its vineyards, fields, meadows and small forests. Lemon balm, peppermint, apple mint, stinging nettle, lovage, spearmint, pumpkin seeds and much more are cultivated by the couple who have a passion for excellent organic quality. They do exceptionally well at their work and in 2015, Johannes Gutmann awarded them the Golden Sichel in recognition of their cooperation and reliability, and the high quality of their products.

When they put their sickle down - of course not the golden one :-) - for a short break, at work on their fields directly at the Wagramkante, they enjoy the magnificent view over the Tullnerfeld. At moments like this, Anita is pleased to have traded her office job for working on the farm. Thanks to her love of nature and for Franz, they made the decision to take over her husband’s family farm in Stetteldorf back in 1986 and to make the change from the office to organic farmer. Particularly when packing SONNENTOR Fortune Tea, she often remembers this step, because the joy of working with the plants proves to her that she has made a fortunate decision.

For those who want to know

Zitronenmelisse bio
lemon balm org.
Pfefferminze bio
peppermint org.
Apfelminze bio
applemint org.
Brennnessel bio
stinging nettle org.

From the field to the pack - on the farm:

Fortune Herbal Tea loose org.

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€ 99.80/1000g
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€ 99.80/1000g

VAT incl., plus shipping