Love and security in the work environment

Illustration of two bees. One bee is carrying a basket. | © SONNENTOR

Embedded in the natural world of the Waldviertel, up to 13 children are nurtured by early childhood teachers and dedicated helpers. The one to six year-old youngsters can get to know and experience the cycle of nature and the Environment.

A paradise for the children of nature

Security, emotional and social well-being and, above all, respectful and dignified interaction with children are the central anchors of the LITTLE SUNSHINE KINDERGARTEN (SONNENSCHEINCHEN). We take the time to meet the needs of our little ones. For this we draw on the best of Mother Nature - only natural materials are used here. This is sustainable and communicates the conscious handling of our resources.

We would like to show our children from an early age that it is important to think in cycles, to recognise connections in nature and that less can mean more." Edith Gutmann, founder of SONNENSCHEINCHEN and early childhood educator.

Gutmann family

In the "Bio-Bengelchen Garden", herbs, fruits and vegetables are planted together - for snacking and for the organic restaurant ‘Leibspeis’ – where we cook nutritious daily meals for our children.

For ourselves - and for our children

With the LITTLE SUNSHINE KINDERGARTEN, we at SONNENTOR, want to take responsibility for the needs of our employees. Because of this special social commitment, family and work are harmoniously combined. How does it feel going to work with your little growing treasure and at the same time, knowing that lovingly designed spaces offer time and room to grow? We like the feel of this warm ‘nest’ that we have created and are confident that the LITTLE SUNSHINE has been an enriching addition to our company.