All the best

For Valentinesday - organic gifts for your sweetheart

Sustainable joy? SONNENTOR "All the best"-products are wonderful gifts for every occasion. Delights that grant a smile.

from € 3.29

Red roses, sweet chocolates ... or other little gifts for loved ones are part of marking special occasions.

With sensuous and sustainable gift ideas from SONNENTOR you say, "I love you!", in a very special way.


Hearty: "All the best" herbal teaAlles Liebe-Kräutertee kbA, DoppelkammerbeutelAll the Best Herbal Tea organic Organic Herbal Tea Blend€ 3.49 inkl. 10 % MwSt.

“All the best” herbal tea is a great choice to tell someone you are thinking of them. This herbal tea blend from SONNENTOR is a lovingly inspiring tea mix. It is a taste firework - activating, special, powerful and harmonious at the same time. “All the best” herbal tea is characterised by an intense aroma of fresh herbs and roses, which is underlined by a hint of lemon. With its flowery-sensual aroma and a pleasant sweetness at the finish, it harmonises perfectly with fine desserts, cakes and sweet pastries. It is equally suitable as a culinary companion to mild cheeses and summer dishes. Loving feelings and thoughts can hardly be presented any better.


Heartfelt: "All the best" blossom-spice mixtureAlles Liebe Gewürz-Blüten-Mischung kbA 30g StreudoseAll the Best Blossom Spice Blend organic Organic Spice Blossom Blend€ 5.39 inkl. 10 % MwSt.

Mothers can never be given too much love. All those who like to surprise loved-ones with “All the best” blossom-spice mixture or “All the best” salt, can show their love in a culinary way - the blossom-spice mix can be sprinkled over spaghetti dishes, and this special salt can adorn breakfast eggs. The secret is in the unusual yet harmonious spicy-sweet-sour composition of pink pepper, strawberries, vanilla and raspberries Both blossom products- with and without salt - offer unlimited ways to add joy and love to food.

Delightful: "All the best" biscuitsAlles Liebe-Kekse kbA, 125gAll the Best Cookies organic Organic Speltcookie€ 3.79 inkl. 10 % MwSt.

The heart is the symbol of love throughout the world. For this reason, our “All the best” biscuits are baked in a heart shape and flavoured with tantalising fruity-sweet and strawberry notes. “All the best” blossom-spice mixture gives these crisp and delicious biscuit hearts a deliciously berry taste with a sensuous hint of vanilla. (Available in SONNENTOR shops.)

It should rain red roses for youRosenblüten (Knospen) kbA, 30gRose Flowers (buds) Organic Rose Blossoms€ 4.99 inkl. 10 % MwSt.

Above all, roses are a Valentine's gift that need no words. If you want to be more creative about gifts of love, you can delight your sweetheart with rose petals. Their beauty and fine taste are two perfect reasons to use rose petals in the kitchen.

Creativity knows no bounds. Rose petals can decorate the rim of a plate or rose punch and served as an aperitif. The beauty of love can be expressed in lots of different ways.