Here you can see the three Bio-Bengelchen and chicken Frida in the nature. | © SONNENTOR

The Bio-Bengelchen world

Constance, Moritz and Leander take you to their world of discovery. Get to know new products and learn more about sustainability.

Who is brave, bold and smart? That has to be our Bio-Bengelchen! Fly with them to their world and learn more about their personalities, discover craft ideas and easy recipes and learn about sustainability here at SONNENTOR.

Welcome to the world of our three adventurer. Great that you are here!

Our Bio-bengelchen

Constance, Moritz and Leander are the main characters of our Bio-Bengelchen products.

Constance: The clever thinker

Constance is almost like a walking book - she just remembers everything! She loves to come up with new ideas with herbs.

Leander: The adventurer

Leander is always looking for an exciting adventure. You can recognise him from afar by his bruises, torn pants and his mischievous smile.

Moritz: The chatterbox

Moritz always makes sure that everyone is happy - plants, animals or people. He's the chatterbox of the three and always knows the funniest games.

In the photo you can see various Bengelchen products surrounded by toys. | © SONNENTOR