Earl Grey, floral jasmine, or noble Pai Mu Tan: no matter how different the individual members are - they all come from the same family.

Optically, Camellia sinensis is not particularly noticeable. However, the tea plant is one of the most important crops in the world and is also highly versatile: green, black, and white tea is made from it.

black, green & white-Tea

All three types of tea contain about as much caffeine as energy drinks - but the caffeine is released over a more extended period. The longer you steep the tea, the less caffeine directly enters the bloodstream. For example, tea that steeps for a long time is less stimulating than tea that only steeps for a short time.

We bring the whole tea party to your home with our organic black, green and white teas. Spicy-malty, floral-delicate, or grassy-fresh: we have the perfect tea for every taste.

Not only does Our Tea Party enjoy a new design, but a few illustrious guests have also joined: Invigorating English Breakfast is a Ceylon tea that will really wake you up. Fruity Mary Gray refines her Earl's tea creation with fragrant citrus fruits. A refreshing wind is blowing with our green teas because Lady Green combines green tea and lemongrass effortlessly. On the other hand, Earthy Sencha is best described as robust but warm - this tea is tart but still tastes pleasantly floral.

black Tea

Black tea is made from fermented tea leaves. When the surface of the leaves is broken, fresh leaf juice escapes and fermentation begins. Depending on the tea's origin, the taste of black tea varies from delicately floral to aromatic-malty.

london bus

 The London Black Tea Bus is happy to wait for you. Join our onboard Tea Party with Fruity Mary Grey, Everybody's Darjeeling, and Strong Assam. Enjoy the ride!

green tea

For green tea, the tea leaves are picked, withered, and then roasted (China) or steamed (Japan). The heating stops the fermentation and preserves the green colour.

white tea

Only freshly sprouted buds of the tea plant are used for white tea. After picking, the buds are aired and dried.