Goodness is sprouting here.

Sprouts are full of beneficial nutrients and ingredients. Perfect as a crisp green extra on the menu.

Small but mighty - these are our microgreens. Eight varieties are mild to hot, familiar ones like cress or unusual ones like rose clover. If you can't decide, grab one of our two power mixes

The only thing your sprouts need is the right treatment. For example, some like light, others not so much. The shoots can be grown in a sprout hedgehog or the sprouting jar depending on the variety and needs. Either way, expect sprouting success with practically no effort. In addition to the seeds and the suitable vessel, all you need is water, a few simple steps, and a few days of patience. The handmade clay hedgehog and the sprout jar are available in the SONNENTOR range.


Once sprouted, there are no limits to how sprouts can be used: as a crispy, fresh topping, they complete almost every dish. Sprouts are also ideal as a small energy booster during a long day at school or work.