Favourite dishes in the blink of an eye

Tastes differ, of course, but there are a few dishes that many people can agree on. To ensure that your favourite dishes taste good and are quick to cook, we have come up with some great seasonings. Do you love spaghetti, macaroni, and tagliatelle? Does a savoury burger satisfy your culinary cravings? Or do waffles, apple rings, and French toast tickle your fancy? We have delicious answers to all these requests!



Rock the barbecue with our burger blend! This mixture adds legendary flavour to classic meat or plant-based patties. Use it with crispy falafel and baked vegetables. Set chutneys and bowls on fire. Rock star kitchen party coming up!


Nothing says 'Amore' more than a satisfying and nutritious pasta dish! Spaghetti, tagliatelle, or rigatoni with a slow-cooked ragù or a quick, impromptu dish, vegan or with meat: our Bolognese seasoning is a great companion for many pasta dishes. You can also use it to add finishing touches to stews. Pasta la vista, hunger!

Cinnamon, Sugar & Co

Are you in love with waffles, French toast, and Austrian apricot dumplings? Cinnamon and sugar have joined forces with cardamom, tonka bean, and other flavours to create this sophisticated blend. It will give desserts an exotic touch that is guaranteed to delight.