Happiness is...

my cup of tea! Our five new varieties for happiness in a tea cup.

Are you looking for a special moment? Our five new varieties are sheer happiness in a cup. Unique and special, just as you are. Tailored to giving your soul and body what they need. Great flavours combined with a beautiful message on the teabag will give you just that. Have a break and enjoy the teas’ fragrances and warmth. Lean back and make yourself comfortable.


Pure lightness

Experience the feeling of ease! This tea with green oats, stinging nettle and cardamom will help you feel light and easy. The sweetish-spicy and herbaceous tea goes well with light salads and vegetable soups. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of less is more.


This tea with rose, echinacea and cowslip impresses with delicately fruity, floral and spicy flavours. Its fresh style harmonizes wonderfully with fruity yoghurt and desserts, such as yoghurt cake or cottage cheese cream. Rejoice over the colourful diversity of life!

Zest for life

Ignite the fire in you! The hearty blend of turmeric, cinnamon and saffron inspires you to follow unknown paths. It tastes sweet and spicy and goes well with exotic soups and curries. Be inspired to try something new!

Free spirit

Every sip of this mixture of burnet, field pansies and spruce needles prompts thoughts of a morning walk across the meadows and through the forest. So, it’s not surprising that its piquant-sweetish and ethereal taste is a great companion for mushroom and game dishes. Wild and free!

Being a woman

Create your own magic! "Being a Woman" with lady's mantle, rosemary and cranberries convinces with its tart, fruity and sweet taste. It works in every life situation and harmonizes wonderfully with Mediterranean cuisine, such as tomato pasta dishes and Piccata Milanese. Treat yourself to a piece of women's happiness!

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