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New on the spice rack: Spice Essential Oils

Essential oils are ideal for seasoning food and beverages and for baking.

Anyone who thinks that essential oils can only be enjoyed through the nose will be surprised! Essential oils are ideal for seasoning food and beverages and for baking. SONNENTOR has come up with a selection of seven different Spice Essential Oils.

The concentrated aromas of these oils instantly transport creative chefs to cloud 9. Depending on the variety, only 1-4 drops of these essential oils are needed per 250-500ml of liquid to create a special treat for the palate. The integrated dropper makes it easy to add the right amount of oil. Please note, to avoid causing irritation to mucous membranes, these highly concentrated oils must be mixed with butter, oil, cream, sour cream, egg yolk, soy sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise or mustard. The aroma of essential oils is much finer and longer lasting than the original ingredient - a very special taste experience! Spice Essential Oils are long-lasting and extremely economical to use.

Basilikum Sonnentor | © SONNENTOR

For Cooking

Knoblauch Sonnentor | © SONNENTOR


Basilico, amore mio! Does the smell of fresh basil make you think of delicious pasta, crispy pizza and scrumptious bruschetta? It refines Mediterranean cuisine, pasta, pizza and tomato dishes to perfection. Even a single drop will make your palate sing: O basilico mio!


Send your lemon juicer on vacation! Lemon essential oil effortlessly brings the pure aroma of the fruit into your kitchen. The 100% natural oil spices up your dishes drop by drop. The oil’s aroma is purer and longer lasting than lemon juice - a very special taste experience! Each drop contains a of bunch of flavour that can be the fruity highlight in cake icing, on salads, in light desserts and in refreshing drinks.


Have your heard of gingerol? Gingerol is the essential oil of ginger that gives it its distinctive taste and power. Here is where you will find it in its most delicious form. The aroma of this 100% natural essential oil is much purer and longer lasting than ginger - a very special taste experience. The oil can be used to refine compote as well as add zest to Caribbean and Asian dishes. Warming drinks in winter also benefit enormously from a drop of the essential oil.

Salads and Dips

The salad is dancing salsa on the tongue! It only takes a few drops of this 100% pure essential oil to conjure up a true masterpiece of aromas in the salad dressing. All you have to do is mix a few drops of the spice oil into the marinade and then toss tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and salad greens in a bowl -  enjoy this firework of flavours! Dips for vegetables or nibbles also find the oil invites a little dance.

Basil Spice Essential Oil bio

€ 12.90

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Ginger Spice Essential Oil bio

€ 14.90

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Lemon Spice Essential Oil bio

€ 7.90

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For baking

Nelken | © SONNENTOR
Vanille | © SONNENTOR


The orange grove for your kitchen. Have you ever walked through an orange grove and smelled the enticing bouquet of plump, fresh oranges? Our essential orange oil brings this experience into your home. Orange essential oil is wonderful to use in cocktails and mocktails, with white meat and, of course, in your baking. Add a few drops of 100% natural essential oil to your chocolate cake icing for a heavenly cloud of flavour.


The heavenly taste of Vanilla! The essential oil of the vanilla orchid effortlessly conjures up the full, round aroma of the vanilla bean in your baking, desserts and your cooking. Velvety ice cream, sophisticated cake creations or exotic Caribbean cuisine love the enchanting flavour of vanilla! Luscious- sweet taste explosions guaranteed!

Biscuits and Punch

Biscuits, punch and an open fire. Too schmaltzy? Perhaps, but when the smell of cinnamon, cloves and baking fresh out of the oven fills the room, the coziest season is here. Delicious biscuits and steaming punch go well with warm, fluffy socks. This 100% natural essential oil brings the taste of winter to biscuits and cups. It is also a spicy-sweet addition to desserts such as tiramisu and cakes.

Orange Spice Essential Oil bio

€ 7.90

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Vanilla Extract Spice Essential Oil bio

€ 14.90

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20% VAT incl., plus shipping

Zesty blends full of taste

For all those who would like to discover the variety of essential spice oils collectively, two varied sets have been put together. One "for the summer kitchen" and one "for baking". The summer edition delights our taste buds with basil and lemon. There is also an oil blend for Salads & Dips with components of lemon, lemongrass and tangerine. The “baking” set adds wonderful flavours of orange and lemon to home baking. Essential oils for Biscuits and Punch should not be missing here. What can be more delicious than a fine-tuned mixture of orange, ginger, vanilla with a hint of cinnamon.

20% VAT incl., plus shipping

20% VAT incl., plus shipping