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Bio-Bengelchen® Tea Try it!

Organic Herbal, Spice and Fruit Tea Blends
Amount: 20 double chamber bag
  • Item number: 02635
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  • Base price/1000g: € 161.30
Item number: 02635

VAT incl., plus shipping

Base price/1000g: € 161.30
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4x WAKEY WAKEY TEA BIO-BENGELCHEN org.: rose hip org., quince org., hibiscus org., lemon balm org., lemon verbena org., rose flowerst org., apple mint org., cornflowers org.. 4x NIGHTY NIGHT TEA BIO-BENGELCHEN org.: lemon balm org., blackberry leaves org., elderflowers org., wild thyme org., camomile org., lavender org., cornflowers bio, sweet blackberry leaves org.. 4x THIRST QUENCHER HERBS BIO-BENGELCHEN org.: lemon balm org., lemon verbena org., lemongras org., GREEN OATS org., liquorice org.. 4x THIRST QUENCHER FRUITS TEA BIO-BENGELCHEN org.: rose hip org., hibiscus org., orange peels org., apple pieces org., strawberry pieces org., bluberries org.. 2x HAPPY TUMMY TEA FOR THE LITTLE ONES TEA BIO-BENGELCHEN org.: lemon balm org., common mallow org., rooibos org., anise org., fennel org., caraway org.. 2x SHOO, FLU! TEA FOR THE LITTLE ONES BIO-BENGELCHEN org.: spearmint org., elderflowers org., camomile org., fennel org., sage org., thyme org.

vegan, vegetarian
Steep time in minutes: 5-10 / water temperature in ° C: 100
Allergic advice
gluten, oat
Notice for storage: Store cool and closed.

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