In the photo you can see three pots, pans filled with delicious dishes. | © SONNENTOR

We have the best seasoning for leftovers!

Say goodbye to food waste with our new spice mix and the following tips.

Don't like food waste? Just like us! If you have any leftover food, our 'Love your Leftovers' spice mix will come in handy. This new all-rounder works with a range of food. Rice, pasta, in dips, or vegetables - you can refine all your leftovers with this Mediterranean mix.

By the way: All credit for this mix goes to our fans. They decided on the name, ingredients, and design. Cook yourself completely happy!


According to the FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization), one-third of the food worldwide ends up in landfills. According to the EU, around 87.6 million tonnes of food are lost or wasted in its member states every year. Around half of this can be traced back to private households.

Food waste is a major problem of our time, and each and every one of us can do something to help improve the situation in our own kitchen. Love your Leftovers aims to draw attention to this topic.


1. Combine greens from kohlrabi, radishes, and carrots with nuts, oil, salt and hard cheese to create a flavourful pesto.

2. Freeze fresh herbs: chop herbs, fill them into ice cube trays, and top them up with a bit of water.

3. Overripe fruit can be processed into smoothies or fruit leather.

4. Cooked too much pasta? You can conjure up cold salads from pasta the next day.

5. Use leftover pasta, meat, and vegetables for a casserole. Add tomato sauce and bake with cheese.