In the photo you can see the entire Sonnentor salt assortment. | © SONNENTOR
New design, new varieties


Discover our wide variety of salts - from coarse to fine!

The white gold is an integral part of our spice range. It's not surprising as salt is one of the most important kitchen spices. Even if strictly speaking it is not a spice at all.

Salt is not just salt

Salt itself has no particular flavour, but when added to food, it lifts and intensifies its flavour. Various additions or production methods (e.g. smoking) can tease out completely new flavours from salt.

From delicate pink Ayurvedic salt to pyramid-shaped sea salt - discover our fine and coarse salts.


In addition to Ayurvedic magic salt, sea salt with iodine-containing algae and mixtures of salt and herbs, there are also two new varieties in the SONNENTOR range.

Desert salt

Kalahari desert salt is one of the oldest and most natural salts. It comes from 280-million-year-old subterranean salt lakes in Africa's Kalahari Desert. This versatile salt is sure to enhance your cooking.

Salt and edge

The special shape of pyramid salt is created by slowly heating the salt brine which gradually transforms it into crispy pyramid shaped salt crystals. Use sparingly as a finishing salt.