In the photo you can see the different coffees of the Wiener Verführung of Sonnentor. | © SONNENTOR
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Full of Beans

Discover SONNENTOR Wiener Verführung (Viennese Temptation)  coffees with 100% organic Arabica beans.

Coffee is part of Vienna like the Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel, Johann Strauss and Lipizzaner horses. These are enough reasons for us to name our coffee after the city. The relaunch of our coffees brings Vienna's love for caffeinated hot drinks even more to the fore: the packaging, the type of roasting and the dazzling blends. However, the special quality of our organic beans remains.

Three aromatic varieties and a practical instant coffee bring the Viennese coffee house culture to your home!

Alluring taste

As well as the design of our coffee packaging, we have created completely new recipes and roasting profiles together with an Austrian coffee expert. Our new coffees impress with their mild acidity and chocolaty and fruity notes.

The perfect roasts

Not too light, not too dark and just the right strength - that is the Viennese roast. The beans are heated up to 222°C over a longer period of time - a tightrope walk that pays off. The long roasting time in the drum and the comparatively low temperatures help the aromas to fully develop.

Vienna’s love for coffee

At the beginning of the 20th century Vienna had around 1200 coffee houses. For many, cafes became their second living room. It is rumoured that some guests even had their mail sent there. People philosophised, played cards and pool or read the newspaper – and, with the support of caffeine sometimes until late at night. Socialising Vienna style that lives on to this day.

Spilling the beans

According to legend, the first Viennese coffee was served in 1687 in the inn "Zur blauen Flasche" thanks to a businessman named Kolschitzky. He served as a spy for the emperor during the Turkish siege. As a reward, he received several hundred coffee sacks, left behind by troops in 1683 after a hasty escape. People in Vienna thought the brown beans were camel feed, but Kolschitzky knew the value of his find.

The rest is Viennese coffeehouse history.

We are very direct

We prefer to work directly with cooperatives in Central and South America. This creates mutually fair and long-term partnerships. We are not interested in price speculation. We pay fair wages, regardless of world market prices.

With shadow …

... there is light. Our highland coffee grows in the shade of other trees. This sustainable cultivation preserves the natural habitat of many animals and plants and is particularly water-saving. Organic? Of course! Our farmers do not use any artificial fertilizers or sprays.


Red coffee cherries are harvested by hand. Only ripe fruits contain the best beans which start off green. The beans get their characteristic brown colour from drying and roasting.


As part of our relaunch we had to adjust the price of our Wiener Verführung coffee. Due to the climate change, the world market price for Arabica beans has increased by up to 50% compared to the previous year.

Unfortunately, our cooperatives are also affected by climate change. Increasingly, extreme weather events such as periods of drought and unexpected frost are causing problems for coffee farmers. Crop failures are also reflected in prices. In addition, there are rising costs for transport and energy consumption (for roasting).

We can largely avoid the world market price and pay fair prices to our organic farmers by trading directly with cooperatives in Central and South America.

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