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Autumn Wind essential oil organic

Autumn child. When fall is starting to show its colour, you are well served with this oil blend. Floral, balmy and fresh it comes along and lightens cool days with orange and cedar wood. The application possibilities are as beautiful as they are varied: in saunas, aroma lamps or in body oils. This oil is made with pure plant extracts. It doesn’t contain any artificial additives! Be enchanted!

For those who want to know:

  • Orange extra bio ätherisches Öl

    orange sweet essential oil org.

  • Zitrone bio ätherisches Öl

    citron essential oil org.

  • Palmarosa bio ätherisches Öl

    palmarosa essential oil org.

  • Cedernholzöl bio ätherisches Öl

    cedar essential oil org.

  • organic

This product does not contain any allergens