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Frankie's Barbecue Spice Mix

Organic Spice Preparation
  • Paprika
  • Garlic
  • Salty
  • Item number: 00762
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  • Base price/1000g: € 114.00
Item number: 00762

VAT incl., plus shipping

Base price/1000g: € 114.00
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Paprika edelsüß bio
paprika sweet org.
Tomatenwürfel bio
tomatoflakes org.
Knoblauch bio
garlic org.
Meersalz konv.
sea salt
Ysop bio
hyssop org.
Thymian bio
thyme org.
Rosmarin bio
rosemary org.
Majoran bio
marjoram org.
Pfeffer schwarz bio
pepper black org.
Chili gemahlen bio
chili ground org.
vegan, without yeast, vegetarian
The product fits to:
burger, poultry, barbecue, potatoes, pumpkin / zucchini, mushrooms, beef, pork, tofu / seitan
Mediterranean, plain cooking, Mexican, worldwide
Nutritional facts per 100 g
calorific value: 1,105 kJ
calorific value: 265 kcal
fat: 4.92 g
- thereof sat. fatty acid: 0.94 g
carbohydrate: 27.65 g
thereof sugar: 14.18 g
protein: 11.3 g
salt: 10.49 g
Notice for storage: Store cool and closed.

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The deep red BBQ sauce is in a bulbous jar that sits on the table among corn, a breadbasket with bread, and skewers. | © SONNENTOR
BBQ sauce with cranberry syrup
This deep red BBQ sauce tastes sweet and spicy and is also a real eye-catcher thanks to the cranberry syrup.