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Organic Spice Blend and Preparation
Amount: 10 package
  • Item number: 00766
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  • Base price/1000g: € 119.80
Item number: 00766

VAT incl., plus shipping

Base price/1000g: € 119.80
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Nana’s Tabbouleh (Organic Spice Preparation): peppermint org., parsley org., tomato org., lemon peels org., garlic org., cornflowers org., calendula org., onions org., sea salt Habesha’s Berbere Spice Blend (Organic Spice Blend): paprika sweet org., ginger org., coriander org., garlic org., basil org., cinnamon Cassia org., cardamom org., pepper black org., onions org., caraway org., allspice org., chili org. Shanti’s Tandoori Masala (Organic Spice Blend): paprika sweet org., ginger org., turmeric org., cinnamon Ceylon org.,  coriander org., cinnamon Cassia org., garlic org., cardamom org., mace org., cloves org., chili org. Mr. Wong’s Rice Spice Mix (Organic Spice Blend): carrots org., caraway org., yellow mustard seeds org., coriander org., ginger org., beetroot org., cinnamon Cassia org., lemon peel org., fennel org., cornflowers org., rose flowers org. Rodriguez’ Chili  con Carne (Organic Spice Blend): paprika sweet org., tomatoes org., garlic org., oregano org., fiery hot chili org. 6.5%, black pepper org., caraway org., lemongrass org., cinnamon org, smoked paprika org., rosemary org., onions org. Svens's Fish Seasoning (Organic Spice Blend): parsley org., thyme org., basil org., lovage org., yellow mustard seeds org., lemongrass org., cornflowers org.
Granny's Spices for Cookies and Cakes (Organic Spice Blend): cinnamon Cassia org., nutmeg org., cloves org.
Frankie's Barbecue Spice Mix (Organic Spice Preparation): paprika sweet org., tomatoes org., garlic org., sea salt, hyssop org., thyme org., rosemary org., marjoram org., black pepper org., chili org.
Hilde's Herbs for Spreads (Organic Spice Blend): caraway org., lovage org., parsley org., galangal org., lemon thyme org., basil org., garlic org., hyssop org., savory org., dill org., fenugreek seeds org.
László's Goulash Spice Mix (Organic Spice Preparation): paprika sweet org., onions org., garlic org., caraway org., sea salt, hyssop org., black pepper org., paprika hot org.
You can find the nutrition information and allergens of each kind at the equal product.

vegan, without yeast, vegetarian
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