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Spicy Soup Cubes (formerly Vegan No-Chicken Soup Cubes) organic

No bird was harmed in the making of this soup. This vegan soup is the perfect alternative to chicken soup. It is in no way inferior to chicken soup, although no poultry got anywhere near the saucepan. Valuable spices such as chilli, ginger, galangal or turmeric not only taste exciting, but make the soup really tasty.

add 1 cube to 1/2 litre of water and bring to the boil

For those who want to know:

Speisesalz, Sheabutter bio, Gewürze bio 17% (Zwiebeln bio, Chili bio, Ingwer bio, Koriander bio, Galgant, bio, Knoblauch bio, Kurkuma bio, Rosmarin bio, Muskat bio), Maisstärke bio, Rohrohrzucker bio, Miso bio (Soja bio, brauner Reis bio, Meersalz, Koji (Aspergillus oryzae)), Sonnenblumenöl bio

Store in a cool and dry place.

vegan, free of yeast, vegetarian

  • organic
  • palmoilfree
  • eco packaging


  • calorific value: 30 kJ
  • calorific value: 7 kcal
  • fat: 0.50 g
  •    - thereof sat. fatty acid: 0.20 g
  • carbohydrate: 0.60 g
  •    - thereof sugar: 0.50 g
  • protein: 0.50 g
  • salt: 0.69 g