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Harissa Spice

Organic Spice Preparation
  • Hot
  • Fruity
  • Oriental
  • Item number: 01218
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  • Base price/1000g: € 57.00
Item number: 01218

VAT incl., plus shipping

Base price/1000g: € 57.00
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Paprika edelsüß bio
paprika sweet org.
Knoblauch bio
garlic org.
Koriander bio
coriander org.
Paprika scharf bio
paprika hot org.
Schwarzkümmel bio
black caraway org.
Korianderkraut bio
cilantro org.
Chili gemahlen bio
chili ground org. (5%)
Mutterkümmel (Kreuzkümmel) bio
cumin org.
Meersalz konv.
sea salt
vegan, without yeast, vegetarian
The product fits to:
spread, stews, poultry, barbecue, vegetables, legumes, potatoes, cheese, grain dishes, tofu / seitan
Asian, Indian, oriental
Nutritional facts per 100 g
calorific value: 1,352 kJ
calorific value: 326 kcal
fat: 13.17 g
- thereof sat. fatty acid: 1.54 g
carbohydrate: 21.96 g
thereof sugar: 10.09 g
protein: 13.57 g
salt: 4.79 g
May contain traces of: gluten
Notice for storage: Store cool and closed.

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2 quarters of the baked white cabbage are on the plate, sprinkled and surrounded by the pistachio pesto and pieces of pistachio, decorated with parsley leaves and served with golden cutlery. | © SONNENTOR
Baked cabbage with harissa
You've never eaten such great white cabbage! - refined with balsamic vinegar, honey, pistachios and the spicy harissa, it is simply unmistakably delicious!
 The spiced butter is a rich orange color and is in a bowl decorated with loose spices. | © SONNENTOR
Spice butter
Harissa gives this creamy spiced butter a delicate spiciness and a wonderfully rounded taste.
The tofu kebab is layered with green peppers, red onions, tomato slices, sauce, tofu and a lettuce leaf and is placed on a plate next to a bowl of harissa seasoning. In the background is a white dipping sauce in a bowl and you can see 2 tomatoes. | © SONNENTOR
Tofu Kebab
With umami and harissa spice, this delicious alternative to the original is really impressive both in terms of taste and appearance.