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Curry Sweet

Organic Spice Preparation
  • Sweetish
  • Caraway
  • Ethereal
  • Item number: 00876
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  • Base price/1000g: € 69.80
Item number: 00876

VAT incl., plus shipping

Base price/1000g: € 69.80
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cumin org., coriander org., turmeric org., fenugreek org., MUSTARD SEED YELLOW org., sage org., fennel org., paprika sweet org., sea salt, ginger pieces org., bay leaves org., rosemary org., thyme org. May contain traces of gluten.

vegan, without garlic, without yeast, vegetarian
The product fits to:
chutneys, curry, meat substitutes, poultry, vegetables, grain dishes, seafood, rice
Asian, Indian, African, oriental
Nutritional facts per 100 g
calorific value: 1,410 kJ
calorific value: 339 kcal
fat: 13.72 g
- thereof sat. fatty acid: 1.1 g
carbohydrate: 24.34 g
thereof sugar: 4.91 g
protein: 15.01 g
salt: 3.9 g
Allergic advice
May contain traces of: gluten
Notice for storage: Store cool and closed.

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Date curry spread
A sweet and spicy delight for dipping or on bread!
 The spiced butter is a rich orange color and is in a bowl decorated with loose spices. | © SONNENTOR
Spice butter
Harissa gives this creamy spiced butter a delicate spiciness and a wonderfully rounded taste.