Do you want to make Bio-Bengelchen happy? Right this way!

Have you met our Bio-Bengelchen? The three treat-loving rascals conjure up teas and sweets made from the most delicious blossoms, leaves and fruits for children of all ages. You can discover their secrets here in the Waldviertel behind our door.

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Enamel Mug Bio-Bengelchen

€ 13.90
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Bio-Bengelchen Collecting Box org.

€ 3.00
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Illustration of Constanze with a book and a cup in her hand. | © SONNENTOR
Illustration of Bengelchen Moritz sleeping in a cup. | © SONNENTOR
Illustration of Leander jumping through the air with a chocolate ball. | © SONNENTOR

Why should I buy Bio-Bengelchen organic children's products?

Our Bio-Bengelchen have discovered that natural food tastes best. You will only find the best fruits and herbs in SONNENTOR's organic teas and organic sweets. Constance, Moritz, and Leander know what connoisseurs of all ages like. Only organic, natural ingredients end up in our children's products, and they are precisely tailored to the delicate taste of children.

What can you discover here?

Cheeky Cherubs children's products that quench thirst and bring great joy:

  • A 'Try It!' pack for children with a range of different teas. Discover and taste your favourite tea
  • Various children's teas that quench thirst and cater to different needs of little cherubs (e.g., Shoo, flu! tea)
  • Delicious sweet treats to fill up the heart of little cherubs.
  • Tasty snacks to satisfy little tummies.
  • Sweet syrups without any sugar and delicious Chocolicious Drink Chocolate for heart-warming moments.
  • Essential oils as little helpers for studying and for sleep time.

Bio-Bengelchen Children's Products: What makes them so unique?

The Bio-Bengelchen range of organic products is broad and colourful. The delicacies can enrich many everyday moments and essential oils and delicious teas offer help with minor ailments.

Teas and syrups, on the other hand, are delicious hydrating thirst quenchers. Fine sweets and snacks give energy after adventures and make children's hearts jump for joy.

Bio-Bengelchen organic products for children: what is the best way to use them?

Our children's products should not be missing in any pantry.

Are Bio-Bengelchen children's products suitable as gifts?

Would you like to bring great joy to a little heroine, a little hero, or a mum/dad? Then these products are exactly right. Start shopping now!