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Book Eine Prise Weisheit

In the second book of the four authors of the book "A pinch of health" you can learn what spices do, but also why and how. How did our ancestors acquire the knowledge about the healing powers of spices without a microscope and modern technologies? What prevents us from seeing and feeling what people could easily perceive many generations ago? Discover how spices help where conventional medicine doesn’t have a solution and only treats the symptoms. You`ll be amazed at the different uses described in this book and the astonishing evidence that has never before been collected in world literature and published in one book. For this reason, 20 selected spices with very complex effects are described in "A pinch of wisdom" in more detail compared to the first book. The second book contains the holistic (energetic and material) effect of the following spices: fenugreek, galangal, garden cress, capers, chervil, cumin, horseradish, lemon balm, allspice, roses, saffron, chives, black cumin, mustard seeds, wasabi, wormwood, Hyssop, lemongrass, lemon verbena and onion.

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