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Organic spice mixtures and seasonings, organic herbal-, ginger-, fruit tea blend
  • Item number: 00844
  • 10% VAT incl., plus shipping

  • Base price/100g: € 14.68
Item number: 00844

10% VAT incl., plus shipping

Base price/100g: € 14.68

For those who want to know


ADIOS SALT! SEASONING WITH VEGETABLES SPICY:  Vegetables ORG: (tomatoes organic, onions organic, parsnips organic, beetroot organic, pumpkin organic), paprika sweet organic, basil organic, oregano organic, thyme organic, chili organic 6,5 %, garlic organic, rosemary organic, black pepper organic. HOLY VEGGIE BBQ SPICE BLEND: : Onions organic, parsnips organic, ramson organic, tarragon organic, coriander organic, parsley organic, cornflowers organic, sage organic, calendula organic, trigonella organic, nori algae organic. CHEERY BLOSSOM & SPICE BLEND: Sea salt, garlic organic, ramson organic, basil organic, oregano organic, calendula organic, rosemary organic, thyme organic, rose blossoms organic, cornflowers organic. GINGERBREAD SEASONING:  Cinnamon Cassia organic, anise organic, cloves organic, cardamom organic, coriander organic. GUARDIAN ANGEL BLOSSOM & SPICE BLEND: Carrots organic, coriander organic, ginger organic, spearmint organic, garlic organic, cornflowers organic, orange peels organic, black pepper organic, crystal salt, beet sugar organic, cumin organic, turmeric organic, fenugreek organic, sage organic, yellow mustard seeds organic, paprika sweet organic, fennel organic, sea salt, bay leaves organic, rosemary organic, thyme organic.  IT'S ALL GOOD! IRMA IMUNE, herb and spice blend: Sage organic, turmeric organic, burnet organic, garlic organic, basil organic, wild thyme organic, chili organic, ginger organic, echinacea organic. IT'S ALL GOOD! TOBIE TUMMY, herb and spice blend:  Savory organic, coriander seeds organic, mugwort organic, caraway organic, galangal organic, trigonella organic, lovage organic, lemon thyme organic, parsley organic. DEEP BREATHING IN THE FOREST, herbal tea blend:  Blackberry leaves organic, blueberry leaves organic, spruce needles organic, dandelion organic, stinging nettle organic, blackcurrent leaves organic, raspberry leaves organic, ribwort organic, clover organic, daisies organic, primrose organic. TRAVELING WITH THE SUN, ginger & herbal tea blend: Ginger organic 45%, blueberry leaves organic, lemongrass organic, lemon peels organic, lady’s mantle organic, linden flowers organic, rose petals organic, sunflower petals organic, calendula organic, mallow organic, black pepper organic.  NIBBLING FROM THE FRUIT BASKET, fruit tea blend:  Apples organic, hibiscus organic, rosehip organic, mango organic, blood oranges organic, strawberries organic, banbanas organic.

Store cool and closed.

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vegan, without yeast, vegetarian

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